The boy

My name is Jonas and i died two years ago, and i am going to tell you what happend. 

I was 19 when i died. It happend in school. In front of all of my friend. 

I woke up this day, ready for the school day. I actualy liked the school, that is a place i could meet friends and could meet the girl i was i love with. But i was to shy, and now it is to late. 

This day i walked to school with my best friend Mathias. He was the wireder verson of me, he and i had never a boring moment. On or way to school i did see a strange boy walking in front of us. He was all alone and Mathias as stupid could be walked up to him and said hi. He found out that the guy went to our school and Mathias said er should walk with him. And we did. 

The moment we where at the school, the wird boy where gone. I looked at Mathias and asked him were the boy went and then he said something the sceard me to the bones: «what boy?» 

I was so shoct and just said «nothing». The rest of the day i could not consentret, i could not stop thinking about the boy. Mathias asked if there was something wrong all day. And all i could say was «nothing is wrong».  

When te school was over, me and Mathias was waiting for a friend from an other class for something that fealt like forever. 

But just then the boy came back, i saw him and almost yelled at Mathias the look at him. But then Mathias looked the way i was pointing, the boy was gone. Mathias stardet to laugt. And i felt stupid. 

When our friend finaly came, we stardet to walk out of school, when the boy came back. But this time right in front of me. It looked like he was about to kiss me. I was so sceard that i forzed. And for what i know, my friends did to. And i heard Mathias whisperd: «i see him, i am sorry!» I could hear his fear. 
I don’t know what happend next i just know that i woke up i my classroom and walked out and find my dras body on the ground. My friends was takling to the police. And someone was looking at my boby. I walked up to my friends and they told the police what happend. 

«He was just standing there and looking at Jonas. Then Jonas just whent blue over he’s enthire boby. And then he fall down and the boy stardet to drag him out of school. But then we woke up and sceard me away by screaming.»

I can not leave school, not ever. And they never found out what happend to me. And the could never find the boy. And never found what the boy wanted with me. But the boy still come to school, hiding in the shodow. But i see him, and i am the one that keeps him from hurting other, but i am also the one who he is looking for. The one who can never find.

But i am hear. Watshing over you.