Avater Kai and avatar Woo

I am sure you have heard of avatar Korra and avatar Aang, but have you heard of avatar Kai and avatar Woo? Not? Well then read this.

This is just a small story of the big one. I made this up by myself and it is far from done. But if you are a fan of the avatar series like me, leave a commet of what you think should happening. 

This is what i think they should look like: Kai: tall with short Black hair and blue and red eyes. Woo: short with long brown hair and blue and green eyes. 

For a very long time ago, lived two brothers, twins, Kai and Woo. They where both born in the erth kingdom. But they where not like the other kids, they where both the avatar. 

Once they where born, did there mother see something stange about them, there was something wrong with they’re eyes. Kai had one blue eye and one red eye, and Woo had one blue eye and one green eye. 

Some years later did they’re mother see it. She did found out about they’re powers. Kai could bend air and fire and Woo could bend warher and erth. She got sceard and seakt help with the white lotus. They took the boys and she never saw them again. 

11 years later when the boys werer 18 years old, were Kai and Woo finish with they’re training with the white lotus. And the boys went back home. But when they came, where everyone gone, everyone but one. They’re mother… She was sitting in they’re old house. Crying. Kai walket up to her, and she looked up. And Kai got sceard. Something was wrong, realy wrong. He walked slowly back to his brother. And Woo looked at him, and saw the fear in his eyes. And Kai said: «thats not our mother» 

Woo did not understand what Kai ment, until they’re mother stop crying and looked at them. Her face was not hers, she did not have a face. And then she started to laugth. The boys where sceard and ran off. 

They stoped in the forest and looked back. She was gone.. But when they turned back, she was standing behind Woo. And then Woo and they’re mother was gone. 

After that nigth, Kai went looking for his brother, and on his way he met som other benders, like Lee, a fire bender, and kinja an water bander. And together they traveld the world to find Woo. 

Some facts about the boys: they could only go in to the avatar state when they where together. And when they did they world together like one.