He who just stand there and stear

Usaly a horror story start with a house and a family with kids. And the house was hounted. But not this one. 

This story start with a man and a woman. They were in love. And they started a family together and got a child. A baby boy named Jonas. Jonas and his family lived a happy life in almost 10 years. Then tet got a new child. A baby girl named Ida. 

And here is where the true story starts. 

Once Ida turned 5 she began to lock her self in to he room. She would not talk to anyone. And that when it happend. They’re father came home and asked where Ida was. And they’re mother said she was in her room and diden’t want to talk to anyone. He went upstairs and nocked on her door. 

Jonas was 15 at the time, and like other big brothers, very prodtectiv of his sister and followed after him. 

When Ida diden’t open he door, they’re father started to scream: 

«Open the door you little whore!!!» 

«It’s time again!!!» 

Jonas got sceard. And ran down to his mother and told her what happend. And then they heard something break and Jonas ran back up again. He found his father in his sister room holding his sister like he is trying to kill her. Jonas panict and ran and jumped on his father so he droped Ida. They’re father grabed Jonas by his leg and started to laugth. Jonas kicked him in the face and got back up. And then his father hit him. He hit his son in the face and Jonas was now nocked out. Jonas was not moving. Not at all. 

They’re father was so focused on Jonas that hi diden’t hear the police that came. Not before they’re were in the room with him. 

They took they’re father and he was now in pirson. And Jonas was sent to the hospital. 
3 years have now pased. And Jonas, Ida and they’re mother is now moving to a new house. In te woods. They’re mothe says that they need a new start and she could not live in a house were the love of her life tried to kill her children. 

The new house was super big. And Jonas did have to get a job to help with the money. 

There was now 5 week before Jonas was going to turn 18. But he diden’t know that there was going to be a big suprice on his birthday. 

Ida was sitting in her room when Jonas came in. She was just sitting and looking out of her window. She was 8 at the time. 

  • What are you looking at, Ida?
  • Do you see him? 

Jonas did not know what his little sister was takling about, but when he was looking a little bit clouser. He saw a man in the woods, just bihind some trees. 

  • He has been standing there every nigth 
  • What?
  • It is true

Jonas looked at his little sister. 

  • Why did you not tell me? 
  • He does no harm, does he? 
  • No, but arent you sceard? 
  • No, beacuse you are here. 

She smiled at his brother and went to bed. Jonas sat there a little when he was waiting for his sister to fall asleap. 

The next morning Jonas went out and looked after the man. Ther was something of with him. And Jonas could not stop thinking that he knew the man. But after a long time, he gave up. 

The weeks went by and there was now 8 days to his birthday. And it was in this nigth it began. 

  • Jonas!!!! 

Ida was in her room and screamin. 

  • What is it? 
  • He is gone..
  • Who? 
  • The man in the woods. 

Jonas had forgoten about him. 

  • Finaly.

Jonas was glad now he did not have to think about him, even that he had forgoten about him.

They went to bed and diden’t think much of it. Until! 

Jonas woke up. There was a noice that had woke him up, but he did not know what. Then he just asumed it was Ida and went back to sleep. 

But after three days he wanted to see what his little sister was doubg up middel off the nigth. He walked up to her room and looked inside. She was asleep. And the noice was back. And louder. Jonas froze. He started to think. It could not be their mothe couse she was out of time and was coming home in three days. 

Someone was inside and was planing to rob them. Thats the anser he picked. 

He walk slowly back to his room and called 911 and told them what was happening. And they sent a car to they’re home. 

Ida was screaming

Jonas ran into her room and saw a man standing over Ida. Just standing there and looked at her. Jonas was about to say something when the man turned around and looked at him. He froze.

It was his father standing there. And smiling. Jonas did not move at all, until his father was about to say something. Jonas ran and pushed his father so he lost his blance. 

  • Run, Ida!!!!!!!

Ida ran out of the room and in to Jonas room and laid down under his bed. 

They’re father was now on his feet and wanted to follow his dauther, but Jonas was in his way. Jonas was alot bigger now, and he was now stringent to. And his father started to puch and hit him, but Jonas was a bit stronger. They figthet a long time before it happend. Ida came back. And Jonas lost his consentration and told her to go back. She did what he said han whent back. 

But in the mean time, his father had taiking his knife and when Jonas turned back, the knife hit his  troat. Jonas was now bleading and could not move. His eyes was now turning Black. 

After 5 min, the police came and found Jonas, he was already dead. 
This story is told by the police hat found Jonas. His mother had cameraes in they’re house beacuse she knew they’re father had ran from the prison. And you could see everything that happend. 

Ida and her father was never found and they’re mother took her own life. And the police is still wondering if Jonas could still be alive this day, if they’re had been they’re been there sooner. 

So if you se a man in the woods near you, call the police!!!


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