He who lives in the deep

I don’t know about you guys, but i love a god horror story, i found one in one of my books, and i am going to translate it for you the best i can 😉 

He lives in the water. Deep down in the dark. How long has he been wating? That he don’t know. In hundreds of years. Mabye more. He has always been there, he does not remeber being some place else. But here in the water. In the dark..

He has many names. But he does not know that. He does not speak any langues. He just is. Sometimes does he come up from the water, so he can see if you are close. 

He is waiting.

Over his head, on the water, is beautiful flowers. 

He is waiting for you. 

It is not many that have seen him. Flowers and darkness are hiding him. Someone think he is a bever mabye. Noboby see that it is him. He who is waiting. Not before it is to late. Deep in the water is him by himself. He is thinking. He is thinking about everything and nothing, about everything that was and everything that is going to be. 

He is waiting patiently. 

Sometimes in the dark, dose he stand up, over the water, and starts to scream. It is a horrible sound. Then you know someone is going to drown. In that way he know. He does not know how he know. He just know. Was he a human back in time? He does not know. He does not remember. He does not know who he is anymore. Or who he was.

He does not what he is. He only know this: he is. And that he is waiting. For you. 

They call him nixie. Yes, he has many names. But he does not any of them. He does not know his name. Does not care. His family have different names. But e does not know about them. He only know abou himself. 

And you. 

One think they have in common. They are waiting. They are waiting for you. They waiting to lure you to them – down into the water. They are waiting to grab you and hold you tide… And then take down into the cold water… And wait… Wait… Wait… Until you no longer are. 

Waiting is what he can. To swim under water, quit, quit, until you come down to the water, mabye to swim. 

Quit, quit does he wait. Looking at you. Soundless. Motionless. He knows you are there. But you dont know who he is. You dont know that he is looking at you. Not before it is to late. 

Way to late. 

And when he have grabed you and you are under the icecold water. Where nobody can hear scream. Then you know it is to late. 

Way to late. 

For then you have been like him. One who is only waiting. Only lives in time. One who only is. One who is waiting. And waiting. And waiting… 

Waiting for a child to come. And mabye swim. And think: what is that over there? 

But you and i know what it is. It’s him. He who is waiting.


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