Avater Kai and avatar Woo

I am sure you have heard of avatar Korra and avatar Aang, but have you heard of avatar Kai and avatar Woo? Not? Well then read this.

This is just a small story of the big one. I made this up by myself and it is far from done. But if you are a fan of the avatar series like me, leave a commet of what you think should happening. 

This is what i think they should look like: Kai: tall with short Black hair and blue and red eyes. Woo: short with long brown hair and blue and green eyes. 

For a very long time ago, lived two brothers, twins, Kai and Woo. They where both born in the erth kingdom. But they where not like the other kids, they where both the avatar. 

Once they where born, did there mother see something stange about them, there was something wrong with they’re eyes. Kai had one blue eye and one red eye, and Woo had one blue eye and one green eye. 

Some years later did they’re mother see it. She did found out about they’re powers. Kai could bend air and fire and Woo could bend warher and erth. She got sceard and seakt help with the white lotus. They took the boys and she never saw them again. 

11 years later when the boys werer 18 years old, were Kai and Woo finish with they’re training with the white lotus. And the boys went back home. But when they came, where everyone gone, everyone but one. They’re mother… She was sitting in they’re old house. Crying. Kai walket up to her, and she looked up. And Kai got sceard. Something was wrong, realy wrong. He walked slowly back to his brother. And Woo looked at him, and saw the fear in his eyes. And Kai said: «thats not our mother» 

Woo did not understand what Kai ment, until they’re mother stop crying and looked at them. Her face was not hers, she did not have a face. And then she started to laugth. The boys where sceard and ran off. 

They stoped in the forest and looked back. She was gone.. But when they turned back, she was standing behind Woo. And then Woo and they’re mother was gone. 

After that nigth, Kai went looking for his brother, and on his way he met som other benders, like Lee, a fire bender, and kinja an water bander. And together they traveld the world to find Woo. 

Some facts about the boys: they could only go in to the avatar state when they where together. And when they did they world together like one. 


He who lives in the deep

I don’t know about you guys, but i love a god horror story, i found one in one of my books, and i am going to translate it for you the best i can 😉 

He lives in the water. Deep down in the dark. How long has he been wating? That he don’t know. In hundreds of years. Mabye more. He has always been there, he does not remeber being some place else. But here in the water. In the dark..

He has many names. But he does not know that. He does not speak any langues. He just is. Sometimes does he come up from the water, so he can see if you are close. 

He is waiting.

Over his head, on the water, is beautiful flowers. 

He is waiting for you. 

It is not many that have seen him. Flowers and darkness are hiding him. Someone think he is a bever mabye. Noboby see that it is him. He who is waiting. Not before it is to late. Deep in the water is him by himself. He is thinking. He is thinking about everything and nothing, about everything that was and everything that is going to be. 

He is waiting patiently. 

Sometimes in the dark, dose he stand up, over the water, and starts to scream. It is a horrible sound. Then you know someone is going to drown. In that way he know. He does not know how he know. He just know. Was he a human back in time? He does not know. He does not remember. He does not know who he is anymore. Or who he was.

He does not what he is. He only know this: he is. And that he is waiting. For you. 

They call him nixie. Yes, he has many names. But he does not any of them. He does not know his name. Does not care. His family have different names. But e does not know about them. He only know abou himself. 

And you. 

One think they have in common. They are waiting. They are waiting for you. They waiting to lure you to them – down into the water. They are waiting to grab you and hold you tide… And then take down into the cold water… And wait… Wait… Wait… Until you no longer are. 

Waiting is what he can. To swim under water, quit, quit, until you come down to the water, mabye to swim. 

Quit, quit does he wait. Looking at you. Soundless. Motionless. He knows you are there. But you dont know who he is. You dont know that he is looking at you. Not before it is to late. 

Way to late. 

And when he have grabed you and you are under the icecold water. Where nobody can hear scream. Then you know it is to late. 

Way to late. 

For then you have been like him. One who is only waiting. Only lives in time. One who only is. One who is waiting. And waiting. And waiting… 

Waiting for a child to come. And mabye swim. And think: what is that over there? 

But you and i know what it is. It’s him. He who is waiting.

Peter Pan

Everyone know a story about Peter pan, ether it is the orginal or the one from Disney.  

Every story about him is pretty beautiful. A boy who never grow up and live in a beautiful land of dreams.and the backgrownd is also pretty beautiful and sad. It is a story about a boy who lost his life when he was out ice skating, and his little brother made up storys for his morgen of a boy who could never grew up. 

It’s an old story, and i don’t know everything about it, but i want to tell what i think of the story and what i think happend.

In a long time ago, there was two brothers out playing. It was winter so the two of them went ice skating. The oldest one, Peter, wanted to show his younger brother who fast he could skate. But he diden’t know hos far out he whent, before it was to late. He stopted and looked down. The ice was cracing. He looked up and saw his little brother and Rolf him «go back home and wait for me with mom» 

His little brother was just 10 years old and did what his 14 years old brother said and whent back to his mom. He diden’t know that his brother never where going to come home again. 

When he came home he told his mom what happend and what Peter told him to. He and his mom came running back to the lake to see to Peter, but it was to late. In the time they came there, Peter was gone. The only thing left was a holl in the ice where Peter was standing. He was gone. 

Peter’s mother took his little brother back home, and but him to bed. She diden’t say anything. She diden’t cry. Just took his hand and walked home. 

That night was there something wrong with the world. Peters mother was crying inside, because she diden’t want his little brother to hear her. And the little boy was just wainting. 

Two weeks after Peter woke up in the woods near the lake. But something was wrong. He looked around, he remberd what happend, but not hos he ended up in the woods. He tried to stand up but then he was flying, he screamd. 
After an long time he got jused to fly. 

In like a week he was thinking about going back home, but knew he could. He diden’t want to scear them. So he lefted them alone. But every night he went to the lake and played a song to his family on his pan flute. That went on for some weeks, but one night Peter was playing and where in his own wold, dreaming about his family. He did not se the little boy comming up behind him. It was his brother. 

Peter was so sceard to se his brother that he frozed. His brother was crying, but when he tried to hug him, Peter flew up. That sceard his brother, but he did not run or scream, he just looked sceard. Peter landet in a three and said: 

«My dear brother. I am so sorry, but i can never come back to you and mother again. Something happend to me, and i am never going to grow up like you. And i can never live on this world again»

And then he flew away. His brother was a smart kid and belived that it was a dream, and whent home. 

Some days later did Peters brother tell his mother that he ha story for her. And told her of a boy with name Peter pan a boy who could never grow up and was playing a pan flute. That made his mother cry, but also made her feel better. A story of her son. 

And that how the story of Peter pan was made. Made by what his brother belived was a dream. But everything you tell the story of Peter pan, he mabye sitting in your window lisening. And if your are lisening you mabye hear Peter playing a song for his family by the lake.